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Casey Barnes

I recently moved to Southeast Asia to get the gospel to the Deaf who are dying daily without Christ, many who have gone their entire lives without ever seeing the name of Jesus or the gospel.

I have a couple prayer requests that I would be truly honored if my church family would join me in praying for:

1. Despite COVID restrictions and strict lockdowns in the city, pray for opportunities to meet Deaf people each week and opportunities to share the gospel. Things are slowly opening back up, but the people here are still very fearful of the virus. Please pray that our team here will have weekly, even daily opportunities to meet people, share the gospel, and disciple believers.

2. Please pray for my language learning - learning a new language is difficult! Some days are fun and I can clearly see progress. Other days are very overwhelming and I see my clear lack of language acquisition. Please pray that. I will learn the language well. Please also pray that I would have many opportunities to meet Deaf each week, as language learning is best done immersed in the language. Right now, most of my language learning opportunities, both lessons and meeting friends, is done over Zoom meetings. This makes learning quickly and correctly very difficult.

3. Please pray for many to come to know Christ. Southeast Asia is a very dark place spiritually, with millions of people living their entire lives without ever even having a chance to hear or see the gospel in their language. Pray that this land will one day become a light to the nations for Christ.

Received: October 3, 2021

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