One of the pinnacle moments in the Book of Nehemiah happens in chapter 8. The people gather and stand as one (8:1) as Ezra, the priest, brings the Book of the Law, God’s Word, before the people. As Ezra read, “the ears of all the people were attentive to the Book of the Law.” (8:3). The Word was read and understood that day, and there was great power in the reading of the Word that moved the people to tears. There was a desperate dependence on God that came from this very public act of reading God’s Word aloud.

As we conclude our series in Nehemiah, we would like you to be a part of something unique. We have set aside the week of October 24 – 28 for our church family to come to the Worship Center and read the Bible in its entirety. We will start at 8 AM on that Monday as Pastor Brian and his family begin by reading Genesis 1.  Every 30 minutes, a new person or family will come in and read, around the clock, until we complete on Friday at 5 PM. Then on Sunday October 30th our morning services and small groups will focus in on 2 Timothy 3:16-17 as we look at the sufficiency of Scripture in our lives.


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